Beexcellent Gaming Over-Ear Headset with Mic, LED Lights

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  • The wire is 7-core oxygen-free copper, which can reduce the loss of sound during transmission, avoid the interference of electrical signals to sound signals, and will not produce turbulent current sound.

  • The control panel is simple and stylish, with concentrated functions and convenient use. It has one button forbidden wheat, one button forbidden sound, and volume control.

  • The earmuffs are made of skin-like protein, soft, comfortable, breathable, and will not be stuffy or uncomfortable for a long time.

  • The head beam is made of engineering pp material and aluminum alloy sheet. Under the condition of ensuring durability, the weight of the earphone is reduced as much as possible, and the wearing is more comfortable. The material of the head pad is also made of protein-like material, and the in-line design is adopted. Avoid falling off problems

  • The microphone adopts a hidden design, which is convenient for storage when not in use. The microphone head is omnidirectional noise reduction, the black voice call is clear, the 120 degree rotation is convenient to adjust the distance of the microphone from the mouth, the speaker is a 50mm big speaker, high quality sound quality, the middle and low sound is more shocking.