PowMax WW-23 Optical Axis Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Gaming Keyb

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  • optical axis mechanical gaming keyboard technology using infrared optics to open the principle of the trigger, more accurate than the traditional shaft of the mechanical spring-type trigger ,"Light speed gold". Help you to slam the enemy quickly.

  • Optical axis total thread is 3mm,when pressure to 1.8mm it is turned on.Trigger faster of 25% than the traditional shaft. Brightly backlit keys with illuminated characters for easy typing even in the dark,no longer worry about time limited. Compatible with Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10,Windows 2000,Windows ME.

  • Optical Axis Mechanical Gaming Keyboard increase the silicone hand care and mobile phone stand so that the keyboard totally meet the needs of the new era of consumers.Keep up with the new tide. Optical axis without metal contacts,its text result is up to 100 million times, more than 50% higher than the traditional mechanical axis.

  • Waterproof shaft structure.Optical axis surrounded by 6mm high relief wall protection.Effectively avoid liquid spilled in. Optical axis shaft can be easily replaced without professionals.Convenient and easily.

  • Infrared optical sensor conduction,the trigger signal isn't similar to the aging of the traditional mechanical axis mechanical. Strong and durable than the tranditonal mechanical keyboard.

Product description


Product description
optical axis mechanical gaming keyboard,the principle of opening and closing of the infrared optical axis by working with trigger technology,it is more precise than the traditional mechanical spring type shaft body trigger.
The optical axis without metal contacts,the text result is up to 100 million times, 50 million times higher than traditional mechanical shaft.

Backlit Adjustment:
Fn+PS: breathing lamp
Fn+SL: gradient
Fn+PB: water ripples
Fn+INS: single light
Fn+HM: aurora
Fn+PU: snake
Fn+DEL: waves
Fn+END: raindrops
FN+PD: snake
Fn+F10/F11/F12 flashes into the lights custom mode
Fn+¡ýpress the key to the light does not light,lights off

Keycaps Material:ABS
Actuation force:£¨60¡À5£©g
Actuator Travel£º4.0-0.4mm
Number of keys£º104keys
Usb cable length£º1.8m
System:10/8/7/XP/Mac OS/vista and other systems

Package Included:
1xPull key